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Usaquen Coffee Trip

Three stops to taste the best cups of the world’s mildest coffee.

COP $150.000 per person

 Bogotá             Shared             Max. 8              2,5 hours              English - Spanish

To Colombians, coffee is much more than an energizing drink to star your morning; it’s a ritual, a cup contains an excuse to converse, it is also a comforting moment, and a piece of our culture which we hold near our hearts. Colombia has the best mild coffee in the world and we like to tell you why, and moreover, invite you to try and discover it yourself.

In the last few years Colombia has transformed the way we drink coffee from a routine to an experience: coffee shops became places to meet and get educated; producers and baristas assumed their roles as protagonists of the revolution and coffee fincas revived with strength having a better and more visible conscience about the origins of the beans and the importance of the farmers. With this revolution we learned about types, qualities and preparation methods, we filled up with motives to demand a well-served cup and now we want to share all this with you, in the places we know are the best.

What you’ll live

Live the process of a quality coffee by tasting the most awarded coffee in Colombia, discover the grains of a passionate roaster and the place where baristas turn their craft into art, in the meantime discover Usaquén, a pedestrian-driven neighborhood with steep streets filled whit history, that perfectly harbor some of the best coffee cups in the country where you cannot miss them.

Our adventure

Discover the best methods to taste Colombian coffee in three stops where you’ll experience three different approaches. Get ready to enjoy how our trademark gets enjoyed, learn about the origins, types of coffee, and enjoy the magic of the most traditional and innovative recipes, all the characteristic flavor profiles and the culture that makes it even more delicious.

•Start with the most awarded coffee producer in Colombia. Experience a single origin coffee in a tasting that involves three different methods of preparation to understand how each one influences its flavor.

•Follow us onto the second stop, where you will experience a great cup at the home of the eight-time winner of the national barista championship -they have the best baristas, so, enjoy their expertise! – Here, you’ll taste the best coffee in the world for espresso and the two winners of the Taza de Excelencia award, a recognition granted to specialty coffee lots.

•Experience the ceremony of true Colombian onces in one of the best spots in Usaquén.

•To end on a high note, savor coffee at three different stages of processing: washed, semi washed and natural, in hands of true Coffee Hunters.

Who will enjoy it

Everyone will love it especially coffee fans and travelers in love with local flavors.

What you should bring

A willing palate ready to taste lots of coffee. Dress casually, bring comfy shoes and a camera.

Coffee and traditional Colombian cuisine.


Restrictions: This experience is designed to discover the flavors of Colombian coffee and cuisines and their authentic preparations; therefore, we cannot guarantee a 100% vegan, lactose intolerant or gluten free menu. To request a vegetarian menu or inform us of different intolerances, we appreciate you notify in the comments during the reservation process, we’ll do everything we can to accommodate you. If we cannot, we are sorry for the inconveniences.

  • Food concierge
  • 3 cups of single origin coffee in diverse methods of preparation.
  • 2 cups of different origins in the ideal method according to the barista to enhance the characteristics of each one.
  • 3 cups of coffee in different stages of processing (washed, semi-washed and natural) in their ideal method each.
  • Onces with hot beverage and a Colombian bite.
  • Meet and greet with baristas and owners.
  • Foodies Journal so you can relieve your experience at home.


  • All experiences, food and beverages are included. We suggest your previous meal be light.
  • Alcoholic drinks can be replaced by non-alcoholic options.
  • Additional orders must be paid by each costumer.

Not Included: Transportation or unspecified services.

Age:  18 and over.


Distance: 700m in 4 stops.


Weather: We also tour with rain. Please bring a raincoat/ umbrella if the weather suggests so.


Meeting point: the meeting point will be informed/ agreed during your checkout process.


Cancelation policy:

100% return if your cancelation is received 30 days or longer prior to departure date.

70% return if your cancelation is received 29 days or less prior to departure date.

50% return if your cancelation is received 15 days or less prior to departure date.

0% return if your cancelation is received 7 days or less prior to departure date.


Things to note before booking tours:

  • Gift vouchers and online experiences are non-refundable once purchased, so please choose carefully. Gift vouchers will be extended from their written due date on discretion, and only if requested prior to expiry date.
  • If Foodies is forced to cancel a booked tour, any prior payments will be fully refunded.
  • Foodies operate in all weather, though reserves the right to alter or amend an itinerary if circumstances require.

We love what we do

We are a boutique agency focused on what we love and do best: eat and create gastronomic experiences. That is why Foodies does not provide aerial or hotel services. We want food to remain our only passion.


We know where to eat

We eat in Bogotá and Cartagena 24/7 and we know where to find what you’re looking for, be it a luxury dinner at a secret location, a cooking class or that delicious street food bite everyone’s talking about.


We love details

We take care of every little detail in our experiences because we know they make a difference, they have taken us to accomplish the unthinkable: becoming the most awarded gastronomic tour agency in Colombia. So form here on, thank you!.

Covid-19 control measures

We will take your temperature and everyone’s in the group before we begin the experience. Please wear a mask (mandatory) and gloves (optional) learn here how we take care of each other.

Tax exemption

All our services are exempt from VAT until December 31, 2021, complying with the temporary exemption for hotel and tourism services that have an active RNT.

Small print

•The duration of the experience is approximate and can vary depending on the degree of participation.
•Our experiences operate in the languages announced. Other languages may be available upon request with a charge by emailing us at hola@foodies.com.co.
•For tailored experiences or different dates than offered please email us at hola@foodies.com.co
•Read our terms of purchase.

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