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Empanadas Feast

4 recipes from 4 different regions of Colombia prove we’re made of empanadas.

COP $70.000 per person

 Online             Shared             Max. 8              2 hours              English - Spanish

The origins of empanada, both word and recipe, present and alive in so many cultures in the world, date form thousands of years back, when nomadic cultures used bread dough as a means of transportation and conservation for meats and stews in their long journeys.

The verb “empanar” literally means to cover or lock something in bread, however, as all stories in gastronomy worth telling, the literal meaning soon got enriched with beautiful nuances as the world widened its horizons with conquests and new world discoveries, cultures got mixed together, the empanada turned into the quintessential crossbred recipe. Today an empanada holds sort of a formula: a thin dough, a stew or filling, heat, and boom! You have empanada!

Colombia, like many other countries in Latin America, adapted empanada to its geography, traditions and history, the dough is mainly made with indigenous corn, the fillings influenced by the Spanish conquistadors and subsequent adaptations in Colony times, and the heat method is mainly deep frying, inherited form the African Slaves. All this mixed together turned into what an empanada means to us: an iconic and delicious bite. Every region has their particular identity and will try to convince you they have the best one. We can only celebrate this diversity and party with so many flavors. Everyone in the family is welcome to this empanada party!

What you’ll live

empanadas are the quintessential representation of our everyday life. All the recipes scream love and family, taste of home, of barrio, of students and workers feasting on a break, of afternoons spent with children having a snack and evening meals on the street posts and fried food mesas. Join this party so we can prepare, be it alone or as a family this very powerful bite-sized empanadas. You can fry or bake, you can freeze them so you can enjoy them many more times and remember a great time. The recipes we’ll share can be adapted to many different tastes and preferred cooking techniques, same goes for the fillings which can accommodate many food restrictions.

Our adventure

•Invite the kids, your appetite and get ready to lay hands on the dough, so we can cook Colombian empanadas in an imaginary journey through our territory and the most representative ingredients of each region.

•Learn the best tricks to seal them properly, the right temperature to fry and alternatives to cooking, and off course a few connoisseur tips on how to properly eat them, as we do in Colombia.

•Let’s start in the mountains and valleys of Colombia with empanadas made with corn dough and explore fillings made with hogao, out mother sauce.

•We will prepare a traditional pique sauce from scratch, which is a must local tradition. Is the only right way to taste…

•Travel to the Caribbean to taste the secrets of islander cooks by combining a wheat dough with a filling form the ocean.

•We’ll finish with a sweet treat: a traditional artisanal sweet filled empanada.

You’re special!
Our classes are one-on-one cooking workshops, so you can always have your microphone on and ask as many questions and comments. We limit the class capacity to small groups to guarantee an intimate experience and encourage the conversation among all participants. It’s a social event!

Who will enjoy it

everyone will love it, specially families with kids, foodies, local gastronomy, travelers, people in love with Latin American culture, and Colombians nostalgic about their own recipes.

What to prepare

Your apron, the ingredients, utensils, a notebook to write in, stories to share and good vibes.

How to connect

Use your cellphone, Tablet or PC to connect form your kitchen. The link will be provided via email along with a list of ingredients and suggested cooking tools.

Colombian cuisine menu.


Restrictions: None. Everyone will personalize their menus according to taste and dietary restrictions.

  • Food Concierge. The experience will be guided by a traditional Colombian cuisine professional cook.
  • Step by step cooking class which includes:
    • 4 empanadas from different regions of Colombia, including a sweet one.
    • Traditional Colombian Ají sauce.

Participants must:

  • Guarantee having the ingredients and utensils which will be previously informed by email. (we will provide alternatives and substitutions).
  • Organize the space and materials beforehand to partake at the experience’s pace.
  • Respect the number of attendees. If you book the experience for one person, only one person will be able to join the class. If everyone at home wants to participate, great! Please book a spot for each person. Our recipes are for two but you can easily multiply the ingredients for the amount you desire.

Age: open for the whole family.


Cancelation policy:
Gift vouchers and online experiences are non-refundable once purchased, so please choose carefully. Gift vouchers will be extended from their written due date on discretion, and only if requested prior to expiry date.


Keep in mind before booking your experience: If Foodies is forced to cancel a booked experience, any prior payments will be fully refunded.

We love what we do

We are a boutique agency focused on what we love and do best: eat and create gastronomic experiences. That is why Foodies does not provide aerial or hotel services. We want food to remain our only passion.


We know where to eat

We eat in Bogotá and Cartagena 24/7 and we know where to find what you’re looking for, be it a luxury dinner at a secret location, a cooking class or that delicious street food bite everyone’s talking about.


We love details

We take care of every little detail in our experiences because we know they make a difference, they have taken us to accomplish the unthinkable: becoming the most awarded gastronomic tour agency in Colombia. So form here on, thank you!.

Tax exemption

All our services are exempt from VAT until December 31, 2021, complying with the temporary exemption for hotel and tourism services that have an active RNT.

Small print

•The duration of the experience is approximate and can vary depending on the degree of participation.
•Our experiences operate in the languages announced. Other languages may be available upon request with a charge by emailing us at hola@foodies.com.co.
•For tailored experiences or different dates than offered please email us at hola@foodies.com.co
•Read our terms of purchase.

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