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Arepas and Dancing

Get ready to meet our guest arepas in this danceable cooking class.

COP $70.000 per person

 Online             Shared             Max. 8              1,5 hours              Spanish / English

The word arepa, that sacred mixture that has its origin in pre-Columbian America, comes from the language of the Taino indigenous people who used the term "erepa" to designate "corn". Its existence has been documented since the arrival of Columbus and later in the chronicles of numerous explorers who realized that by the time of the discovery the recipe for the arepa was already widely spread throughout the continent. Since then, this native bread began a culinary transformation adventure thanks to the encounter with new ingredients and the diversification of its cooking techniques that today define it as a mestizo food which we worship. Whether in the morning as a breakfast star, at lunch as a side dish or at night as a snack a light dinner, the arepa remains valid at the local table even with the ups and downs of modern life.

Sweet, salty, fried, roasted in charcoal, in firewood, cooked on banana leaves, mixed with cheese, curd, ash, crackling or panela, stuffed with egg or what comes from the imagination of a seasoned cook, there are a number of preparations that vary according to the region and make us believe that, if the earth were flat, in Colombia we would undoubtedly say that it was in the shape of an arepa.

What you’ll live

With more than 70 different versions, the arepa is considered a national gastronomic symbol that has adapted to the culture and diversity of each territory. Connect with our roots by kneading two recipes that stand out among the wide repertoire of Colombian arepas by summarizing the tri-etnia that identifies local cuisine and the creative use of techniques and flavors. The contribution of the Spaniards and the new ways of cooking that we learned from the Africans were mixed with indigenous ingredients to give rise to the culinary explosion that Cartagena experienced during the colonial era. Centuries later, that legacy has a special place in the fried tables where the arepa of egg and the arepa of anise are the result of that rich and exuberant cuisine.

Our Adventure

•Turn up the volume to our playlist and get excited to know the technique and flavors behind the famous arepas of the Colombian Caribbean.
•Discover the culinary accident that gave rise to the egg arepa and the controversy over its true name. Learn the recipe step by step, from kneading to its second frying through its most popular fillings. In the end, we promise that there will be no greater reward than hearing its crisp sound in each bite.
•Reserve the moment of dessert for a delicate, flat and sugary arepa decorated with anise dots. Surprise yourself with his technique and the secret that ensures his perfect fluffing.

You’re special!
Our classes are one-on-one cooking workshops, so you can always have your microphone on and ask as many questions and comments. We limit the class capacity to small groups to guarantee an intimate experience and encourage the conversation among all participants. It’s a social event!

Who will enjoy it

Everyone will love it, specially foodies interested in world's local gastronomy, travelers, people in love with Latin American culture, and Colombians nostalgic about their own recipes.

What to prepare

your apron, the ingredients, utensils, a notebook to write in, stories to share and good vibes.

How to connect

Use your cellphone, Tablet or PC to connect form your kitchen. The link will be provided via email along with a list of ingredients and suggested cooking tools.

Traditional Colombian Cuisine.


Restrictions: The menu is suitable for vegetarians, gluten and lactose allergy sufferers. Vegetarians may exchange pork or beef for their preferred substitutes.

  • Food Concierge. The experience will be guided by a chef specialized in Caribbean Cuisine.
  • Step by step cooking class where you’ll prepare:
    • Egg Stuffed Arepa
    • Egg Stuffed Arepa with meat
    • Anise arepa

Participants must:

  • Guarantee having the ingredients and utensils which will be previously informed by email. (we will provide alternatives and substitutions).
  • Organize the space and materials beforehand to partake at the experience’s pace.
  • Respect the number of attendees. If you book the experience for one person, only one person will be able to join the class. If everyone at home wants to participate, great! Please book a spot for each person. Our recipes are for two but you can easily multiply the ingredients for the amount you desire.

Age: 12 and over.


Cancelation policy:
Gift vouchers and online experiences are non-refundable once purchased, so please choose carefully. Gift vouchers will be extended from their written due date on discretion, and only if requested prior to expiry date.


Keep in mind before booking your experience: If Foodies is forced to cancel a booked experience, any prior payments will be fully refunded.

We love what we do

We are a boutique agency focused on what we love and do best: eat and create gastronomic experiences. That is why Foodies does not provide aerial or hotel services. We want food to remain our only passion.


We know where to eat

We eat in Bogotá and Cartagena 24/7 and we know where to find what you’re looking for, be it a luxury dinner at a secret location, a cooking class or that delicious street food bite everyone’s talking about.


We love details

We take care of every little detail in our experiences because we know they make a difference, they have taken us to accomplish the unthinkable: becoming the most awarded gastronomic tour agency in Colombia. So form here on, thank you!.

Tax exemption

All our services are exempt from VAT until December 31, 2021, complying with the temporary exemption for hotel and tourism services that have an active RNT.

Small print

• The duration of the experience is approximate and can vary depending on the degree of participation.
• Our experiences operate in the languages announced. Other languages may be available upon request with a charge by emailing us at hola@foodies.com.co.
• For tailored experiences or different dates than offered please email us at hola@foodies.com.co
• Read our terms of purchase.

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