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The basic principles of holism teach us that endemic foods are naturally distributed to ensure the enjoyment of good health in humanity.

In America, cassava was an essential part of the menu that nurtured numerous native communities, who identified in this tuber an important source of protein.

It is believed that the origins are in the Amazon, however, the chronicles of an endless number of explorers recorded its presence in differents points of American geography from the southwestern United States to Argentina, resulting in a melodious variety of names with which they have been categorized to the manihot genus of the family euphorbiacceae: Aipi, casava, manioc, manioca, tapioca, swahili, mhogo and omowgo, but in the end, yucca.

That woody-looking cylindrical root hides behind its skin the whiteness of an exceptional food that has been a protagonist in Caribbean food for thousands of years. every sancocho that wants to be respected like ours in #CookingCartagena must have it boiled, lite yellow but with a texture that melts on your palate; when it’s “rucha” is cooked, but not so much that we can grind it and transform it into the fantastic and crunchy carimañola that we fill with that soft, juicy but firm cheese characteristic from the caribbean coast, which we are sure will delight you in our award-winning “García Márquez Literary Menu” #MenudeGabo

If we talk about how it adapts in shape and flavor to each region of Colombia, our journey would have to start in the Amazon with that extract of the poisonous cassava with an intense and spicy flavor that grandmothers from Leticia (Capital of Amazon) send to Bogotá to prepare one of the classics from our stop in Minimal, beef brisket in amazonian tucupi sauce, served with fried cassava, ants and fresh greens. a declaration of love for cassava that we eat when we go to a restaurant walking through #NewChapinero. Follow the route of its delicious flavors, now embarking on the adventure towards the southern extremes of the country where its ability to brighten stews makes it an essential ingredient in the strolled mulatto from Pacifico or the turtle soup from La Guajira. in Valle del Cauca, is the base of the most popular snacks, look for it turned into cakes, empanadas, pandebonos or pandeyucas.

Finally, meet us again in Cartagena where we will taste it, once again, accompanying an exquisite brunch with fried fish at #BazurtobyBourdain.

Y of yucca, is one of the least frequent letters of the Spanish alphabet but in gastronomy we master it transforming each variety of this tuber into a delicacy, So don’t be surprised if we invite you to try it on sweets that retain the tender taste of childhood, such as the cassava that Florentino prepares for us in #SavoringPalenque or the panderitos that Mercedes exhibits at her stand in the Sweet Portal when we visit her in our #CartagenaStreetFood .

If you want it in its original version, it will always be an invitation to be tempted by just a runny, soft, delicious and pleasant cassava just out of the pot that only one partner waits to be served on the plate. In the Colombian Caribbean, gastronomic marriages are a tradition, so if one day you want to join cassava in this holy sacrament, we leave you the secret: Let it be with cheese, whey or pork cracklings!

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