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Let’s talk about Colombian buñuelo

Do you imagine a Colombian Christmas or a fried food table without buñuelos?

That delicious fried dough that we have made our own way with different ingredients but all have something in common: flavor and history in the same shape.

Buñuelos are the ideal fusion between sweet and salty, a flavor that always invites us to eat more. And guess what? The best thing is that there is more. It’s so tasty to find them in each region and try the culinary creativity that we Colombians have.

In Bogotá, it is a golden ball prepared with corn starch, tapioca starch, and Costeño cheese. All made by Doña Elvia in our #SavoringPaloquemao experience, with its very crispy crust and so spongy on the inside that your mouth will have the same feeling as when you bite into cotton candy. If we go to Cartagena, you are going to delight yourself with a light mass of black-eye-bean buñuelo that is transformed on sight in the cauldrons of our #FiestadeBarrio.

Buñuelos are usually very representative of Christmas, but you can find them in any cafeteria or fried food table for the whole year.

This Colombian gastronomic culture snack is the result of a long process of transculturation. The recipe for the corn buñuelo came from the Spaniards, who appropriated it from the Arabs who occupied the Iberian Peninsula for eight centuries. Its American dough and the fried method inherited from Africa are a convincing example of our culinary melting pot. The cost side buñuelo comes from the akara or akkra, very popular in Nigeria and the Gulf of Benim. Its ingredients, as well as the preparation technique, were imported identically through the hands of African cooks.

Buñuelo en Savoring Paloquemao
Buñuelo en Fiestas de Barrio

Since the colony, the buñuelo is as Colombian as the empanada. They have contributed to our identity in such a powerful way that today is an essential part of Colombian traditional cuisine.

An experience enjoyed from the moment the kneading starts, and when you taste it, it turns out to be a perfect balance of flavors that you can eat at breakfast, at the end of a busy day or the dinner on a cold night. We loved to serve it with chocolate or a hot aguapanela.

The Colombian buñuelo, a representative of our culture, full of flavor just like us.

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